- Considered Response:

"Lynne and Marilyn have just recruited respondents for me in a job that, as usual, had to be turned around on a sixpence. All participants turned up, were interested, and met the spec, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Considered Response."

- Nanda Marchant, MD,

added insight.

- Nottingham Market Research:

"I work across the country but find Nottingham respondents provide a nicely balanced view on the world , brands and products that suit many studies.
Nottingham folk seem to have their finger on the pulse of national viewpoints and can express good metropolitan viewpoints but always balanced by real world thinking and down to earth honesty. A great place to conduct research


- Andrew Beney,
Deep Blue Research Ltd.

- Jenny Sparrow Research:

"For approaching 20 years now Jenny has not just been my research supplier but a research partner. I know that she will have spent the time and effort to ensure that participants are not only correct in qualifying with the specific recruitment criteria, but are also the right kind of people for the project."

- David Spenser,
Direct Dialogue.

- Ampersand Research

"The whole project was handled with complete professionalism and a faultless experience from start to finish.  The groups went really well and everyone involved went away feeling they had had a positive result.  Very well done!  Our sincere thanks to Mark & Sarah.  We would not hesitate in recommending ampersand research going forward and we will certainly be using them again in the future"

- Talk Back Viewing Studios Ltd:

"Just wanted to say thanks to you and Alan for looking after us last week. Also wanted to pass on the very positive feedback we had from our main German client. Like Helen and I Tobias has worked in facilities all over the world and he thought it was a great facility. He liked the spaciousness, the daylight, the all being on one level and all finished off with the bicycle story, and of course your excellent hosting (as ever)."

- Andrew Vincent,
Waves Research.


- DFR:

"I have created impossible qualitative recruitment specifications and DFR have sorted them out for longer than I care to remember. They unfailingly adopt a practical approach based on brilliant communication and good old common sense. DFR are 100% reliable and honest with you when your demands are unrealistic. Quite frankly, MindsetResearch would have gone to the wall long ago had it not been for DFR!"


- Martin Olver,

Mindset Research.